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Sardinian wines

Ziu Andria

Vini che raccontano una storia antica, come i nomi delle nostre terre


What better wine to travel back in time with and then to find ourselves in the present day, all the while enjoying the stories told by this territory. At the foot of basalt highland of Gollei, this fertile plain called Iloghe preserves the traces of the civilisations that have preceded us, and dating as far back to the ancient age of the Nuragic civilisation.

The origins

The Ziu Andria winery has its origins in the early 1970’s thanks to the virtuous viticulture of the Secci brothers. Within the development process of Dorgali’s Cooperative Winery, the Ziu Andria winery chose to plant their vineyards in the S’ena de Iloghe area. This area is among the most interesting in Dorgali, especially in terms of its optimum soil and climate.

Today, the new generations carry on the work of these vineyards enhancing its lineage in terms of the vast Dorgalese enogastronomic and cultural heritage.

Glimpses of Terroir
Nuraghe Deiloghe
Glimpses of Terroir
Nuraghe Nastallai
Glimpses of Terroir
Villaggio di Neulè
Glimpses of Terroir
Nuraghe Dughine
Glimpses of Terroir
Tomba dei Giganti

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